I’ll admit it. I’m madly, deeply in love. It’s been going on for a while now. Sometimes out in the open. Sometimes in stolen, secret moments. But I’ve finally got to come clean. Here are 14 things I’m passionately loving right now. Like how much Kanye loves Kanye passion. Whew. Feels good to get this off my chest.

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BEAUTY:  Tina K Perfect K Cleanser & Tina K Hydrant K Serum
One of LA’s top estheticians (and all-around super fun lady), Tina Keshishian, finally launched her own skincare line, and it’s quickly become a lifesaver for my skin. Tina K Hydrant K keeps my face dewy and moisturized all night, while Tina K Perfect K Cleanser is the literally the best I’ve ever used to battle breakouts brought on by stress, lack of sleep or Donald Trump saying words.

FASHION:  Michael Michael Kors Jamie Large Suede Crossbody
The instant I bought this caramel suede saddle bag it magically transported me to my fave fashion decade, the 70s. I’m excited to pair the bag with some great flared denim and a gorgeous boho top for spring, and these K. Jacques St. Tropez Zenobia Sandals would be bonkers with it for summer.

FOOD:  Otium Restaurant in Downtown LA
My husband, Casey, and I tried Otium next to The Broad museum downtown for my birthday. From the beautiful, lively bar (pssst…they make a mean dirty martini) to the cozy patio outside and ah-mah-zing food, I can’t wait to go back soon. Wanna come?

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DECOR:  Our Orange Front Door
Inspired by Mindy Kaling’s ga-ga-gorgeous apartment on The Mindy Project, we painted the interior of our front door orange. It was a huge risk that totally paid off and is such a chic and cheery addition to our little abode. You can check out the Benjamin Moore color we used here.

EVERYDAY:  S’well Teakwood Water Bottle
One of my best girlfriends sent me this fab S’well water bottle for my birthday. It keeps my water perfectly chilled while I’m working throughout the day – truly, allll day. And drinking out of something more festive helps me better remember to stay hydrated – most of the time, anyway. Thanks, Christa!

MOVE:  ClassPass
My hubby gave me ClassPass for my birthday – a monthly membership program that lets you workout at tons of different fitness studios each month using one pass. It’s perfect for someone like me who loves trying a smorgasbord of classes without being pinned down to a single gym. This month, I’m going to try versa climber classes at Rise Nation and spinning at Cycle House. That’s assuming I don’t die during the first class.

WEB:  British Vogue’s Inside the Wardrobe series on YouTube. 
I LOVE all the digital content Vogue’s developing these days – so much fun fashion with a sense of humor. Who knew Anna Wintour had one! My fave recurring segment is one that British Vogue does with various high-profile fashionistas – taking you through the coolest things in their closets, revealing how they create their daily style and just having some girl chat. It’s fantastic inspiration as I’m currently redoing my wardrobe.

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APP:  Duolingo
I’ve been wanting to learn French forever now, but feel like I never have time to take a class. But the Duolingo app only requires as little as 10 min. a day and teaches through a quick, fun series of games. So far, it’s tres magnifique!

INDULGENCE:  Anine Bing Charlie Boots with Gold Studs
Can something be an indulgence if you haven’t actually bought it yet? I’m obsessed with these Anine Bing Charlie Boots. I dream of these boots. I’d marry these boots. I just need to win the lottery to buy them. Or rob a bank. But I don’t think I’d fair well in jail.

TV:  American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson on FX
I’ll never forget standing in a college bar watching TV as OJ sped down the 405 in his Bronco. As he made his jaw-dropping escape, we cheered The Juice on to victory (obviously, we were perfectly sober.) That trial was such a wild ride and now we get to relive it again! Plus, Travolta as Robert Shapiro! Insane!

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BOOK:  Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson
I’ve loved reading Jenny Lawson’s blog, The Bloggess, for a long time now. She writes with such wit, unflinching honesty and hilarious self-deprecation about even the most serious topics, it’s hard not to fall in love with her. Her book, Furiously Happy, debuted this fall on the NYT Bestseller’s list and is still there. It’s easy to see why. It’s snort-inducing, gut-busting, wine-spitting-all-over-the-damn-place hilarious. Go. Read it. Now!

PODCAST:  The Watch with Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald
If you love all things TV and pop culture and you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Not enough dudes passionately dissect The Bachelor every week,” then you haven’t been listening to The Watch podcast on Bill Simmons’s Podcast Network.

HAPPY PLACE:  Exploring Downtown LA with Jack
I love how my kiddo totally digs exploring this groovy city of ours. One of our fave things to do together is to take the subway downtown, go to brunch at Bottega Louie and when it’s warm enough outside, Jack plays in the fountains at Grand Park. If you want to witness pure joy, this is about as good as it gets.

TIP:  Fewer, Better Things
We adore the Cuyana brand here at S&S. But aside from their exquisite clothing, the thing I love most is their philosophy about fashion – “We believe in style over trends, in quality over quantity, in loving your closet. We believe that fewer, better things lead to a fuller, better life.” I’m officially adopting this as my mantra while I overhaul my closet this spring. I’m a girl who eats, sleeps and breathes all things fashion, but I slowly came to the realization this year that my current wardrobe isn’t at all reflective of the style I aspire to. As a comedy writer who works from home and chases after a sticky 3-year-old on weekends, I find myself in a rut of plaid button-downs and skinny jeans. Literally, it looks like a Madewell lumberjack puked in my closet. How did this happen?! Enough is enough. I’m taking back my fashion mojo by looking to muses whose style I admire – like designer, Anine Bing, who exudes feminine cool with an edge. I’m also building a capsule wardrobe of pieces I adore – fewer, better pieces. If you’re interested in checking out the capsule wardrobe process too, visit Unfancy for some swell tips.

What things are all of you loving right now? We want the 411!