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photo: StudioDIY

neither warm nor very cold; moderately cold; giving or suggesting relief from heat

Like much of the country, LA is experiencing a massive heat wave at the moment. Fun! So our melting minds are turned to dishes and treats that will help keep us cool all summer long. Here are some of our faves:


One of my favorite summer recipes is flat bread or pizza with salad on top. You can grill or bake pizza dough. Then I make a salad with chicken and pile it on top of the dough. Drizzle the dressing to finish. It’s super tasty and fresh.


When the weather starts heating up and the cravings for a little sweet somethin’ come on, I reach for an ice cold sugar-free popsicle to hit the spot. I want to make some of my own this summer and this recipe for Peach popsicles sounds delish!


Once we finally get moved into our house, we’re looking forward to hosting some summer playdates with Jack’s pals. And after spotting this ice cream sandwich press at Sur La Table last week, I knew I wanted to include an ice cream sandwich bar in our summer fun line-up. Here’s are some great ideas from Yellow Bliss Road to help you put a bar together.

What are your fave dishes to help keep things cool this summer? We’d love to add some new recipes to our list!