With all the crazy news lately, I’m seeking a little hope for humanity wherever I can find it. This post of mine from January serves as a good reminder of the big and small things in my life that give me hope on a daily basis.. May it help you find some too!

5 Things That Give Me Hope
Originally Posted January 2017

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Trump becomes President Friday.
The Dallas Cowboys lost.
And Kim Kardashian’s still famous.

Yet, I still have hope.

Here are 5 things that keep me eternally hopeful:

Our son, Jack
At just 4 years old, Jack is caring, kind and empathetic to others way, way beyond his years. The way he’ll find the one kid playing on the playground by themselves and happily joins she/he so they no longer have to play alone. The way he requests trips to Petco to pick out a toy for our pup, Mr. Pants, because he knows it’ll bring him joy. The way he checks on Mr. Pants, loves on him and brings him his favorite treats, toys and blanket just to make sure he’s doing okay. The way he talks about his friends – how much he loves them, how he sticks up for them at school if anyone is being mean, the way he comforts them if they are sad. Jack gives me more hope than anything else for a future and world that chooses goodness first – always.

Friends Who Volunteer
We are so blessed to have so many giving and loving friends who feel like family in our lives. Friends who give their time and hearts to causes and organizations they believe in. Whether they serve on neighborhood improvement boards, volunteer at animal shelters, help out at the Ronald McDonald house, raise money for Alzheimers and cancer – most of these friends are working full time, some have families, kids and relationships, but they still make time to do good in our community. I am constantly in awe of all that you do, and hope each of you knows how much you inspire me every day. You guys give me hope.

Jack’s Preschool Teachers
Even as adults, we know how much it means to have people who truly support and believe in us. I would chance to guess that each one of us remembers a particular teacher or two who changed our lives because they knew just how far we could go. Now that I have a child of my own, I appreciate teachers on a whole other level. These wonderful souls who push your child to be their best, most kind self because of the hope they have for their future. Our son has been lucky enough to attend the most loving and nurturing preschool the last three years. His teachers have taken the time to get to know Jack inside and out, and every…single…day work tirelessly to help him realize his full potential. They never ever lose hope in what these kids can do and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

My Marriage
Marriage ain’t always easy, child. You have moments where you disagree (sometimes strongly), hurt one another, or just feel like you’re trying to get through the day and simply survive. The lifelong commitment you make is constantly a work in progress filled with ups and downs as you grow both as two individuals and as a unit. But I never lose hope in the person I married. I never lose hope in the gigantic heart he has, his insatiable curiosity to always learn more about the world or about himself, his willingness to help others, his kindness and humor and the way he is helping to raise our son. Casey gives me hope. The love and true admiration we have for each other and for our family gives me hope. And that hope gets us through the rough patches. That hope makes the good times even better. And that hope, I “hope” will last forever – or at least till one of us kicks the bucket.

The Values My Parents Gave Me
Growing up, my parents instilled in me the importance of always having hope, especially during the hardest of times. And to their testament, I remain a very hopeful person to this day. Even though that hope has been tested time and time (and time) again, I never lose faith in the goodness of others, the potential of our world to be better, the hope that people will stand up and fight for what’s right, stick up for others and that at the end of the day, we will see we’re all much more alike than we are different. Now, more than ever. This week, more than ever. I WILL NOT GIVE UP HOPE.

What brings you guys hope? Let us know in the comments below!